UT Austin Says Goodbye to KiWiKiD, Hello to Polt

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Soon UT Austin will say goodbye to one pro gamer while welcoming another. Alan Nguyen, better known as KiWiKiD, will be leaving Texas as he joins Team Dignitas for Season 3 of League of Legends. In addition, TeSPA welcomes Starcraft II player Choi “Polt” Seong Hoon to the University of Texas at Austin as Polt continues his studies in Texas.

In December 2012, Dignitas announced KiWiKiD would join the team as their top laner. Prior to joining Dignitas, KiWiKiD competed in IvyLoL with UT Austin collegiate team PangGirls at Lone Star Clash. TeSPA is extremely excited for KiWiKiD and wish him luck in Season 3!

As bittersweet as KiWiKiD’s departure is, UT Austin welcomes Starcraft II player Polt to the University of Texas. Polt has had immense success within the Starcraft II scene. After an impressive run at NASL Season 4 where he earned 3rd place, Polt announced his departure from South Korean team Team SCV Life in order to focus on studying in America. Polt is no stranger to Texas as he has competed in both Lone Star Clash and Lone Star Clash 2. We hope he is enjoying the Austin lifestyle!

Olivia WongOlivia Wong is an advertising student at the University of Texas at Austin. She is webmaster and marketing officer for Texas eSports Association. She is currently pursuing a career in eSports. Her reddit account is Olimoley. Hello, Starcraft mods!


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