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Lone Star Clash 2

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Lone Star Clash 2 is the largest collegiate eSports event to date. Lone Star Clash II shook the world of e-sports with three competitive StarCraft II and League of Legends tournaments and a $35,000 prize pool. The event featured a professional StarCraft II invitational with 16 of the world’s best players. League of Legends fans watched two-parallel brackets: a 4-team invitational professional event and the 2012 National IvyLoL Finals where the top 4 collegiate teams in the US competed for championship bragging rights. The tournaments, broadcasted in 3 simultaneous online streams, was viewed live more than 4 million times by people fans the globe over the course of the 2-day events. The event was attended by over 1000 passionate spectators from over 40 universities who participated in the event’s unique fan interaction opportunities. Lone Star Clash featured fifteen major brands including many first timers to the esports industry. Event sponsors made themselves known through title branding, livestream ad plays, online and in-person logo branding, and product showcase booths. Lone Star Clash II represents the pinnacle of collegiate esports.

View photos from Lone Star Clash 2 here!

The Format




The Results

SC2 Invitational




LoL Invitational

1st CLGLSC22nd CurseLSC2

4th FeaRLSC24th FeaRLSC2

IvyLoL Finals

1st UCI2nd GeorgiaTech3rd UT-Austin-Ivylol4th UCSD


Special thanks to our amazing sponsors who made Lone Star Clash 2 possible! 


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