Membership Benefits

Joining TeSPA is easy! Whether you are student looking to find a local group, or a group looking to become a TeSPA chapter, TeSPA can help you “level up” your community. To join TeSPA, there are only two requirements.

  • First, your group must be game agnostic, meaning you are open to building an inclusive community for all gamers.
  • Second, student members must pay annual dues of $10 each academic year.
As your group grows, you unlock Membership Benefits! There are two types of benefits: individual benefits which each member receives, and group benefits. What are you waiting for? Apply to join as a Local Chapter or Search for your Chapter.

300 Members

Special Guest Meet And Greet

We will fly out a special guest to attend an event that your Local Chapter hosts. Whether it's for a meetup or a hallmark tournament, you've earned it.

Chapter Hall Of Fame

Your Local Chapter represents the pinnacle of collegiate esports groups in all of history. Your group's successess will be immortalized in our Hall of Fame.

Swag Pack Reinforcements

We will continue to reinforce your group by sending you additional swag packages every 40 members. Go forth and prosper!


Event Sponsorship: $400

At 150 members, you've earned another event sponsorship! We will fund another $400 in event expences once per academic year.

Ultimate Swag Packs

What's better than swag packs? ULTIMATE Swag Packs! Featuring custom lanyards, wristbands, gaming action figures, T-shirts, mouse mats, and more!

Heroes of Storm In-Game Reward*

More information coming soon! This reward will not be available until Heroes of the Storm launches.


Upgraded Equipment Inventory

The more members you have, the more your demand for event equipment grows. This gives you access to rent event equipment free of charge twice per year.

Pizza Party Unlocked

The story of your Local Chapter's rapid growth is a beacon of inspiration. Let's celebrate! TeSPA will provide funding for pizza for 80 members.

Additional Swag Pack!

More members? More swag! We'll send you a care package of lanyards, wristbands, and other cool giveaways.


Vinyl Banner

What better way to show off your group than a banner you can display at events and on campus?

Swag Packs Unlocked!

Up to 40 members already?! Let's hook you up with some lanyards, wristbands, and other swag to give out at meetings, LANs, and social events!

Social Media Support

We bet you are hosting some cool events by now. We'll help you promote them using our official Twitter and Facebook at least once per semester.

Partnered Stream

Speaking of events… a partnered stream might be helpful. We'll share one of our Twitch streams with full partner controls, including adjustable quality and revenue opportunities.


Local Chapter Website

Instantly, your Local Chapter will unlock a completely customizable website that you can use to organize and promote your group!

Mailing List

Need an easy way to communicate to all of your members? Fret no more - we have you covered! We'll hook you up with an easy to use system ready for you to jump in and use.

How-To Manual

Our How-To Manual features complete instructions on how to reach your potential as a group, including easy to use sample documents and templates.

Member T-Shirt + Key Cap

Every single member will receive our official TeSPA T-Shirt and key cap, perfect for customizing your mechanical keyboard.

XSplit Premium License

Each Chapter will instantly get one XSplit Premium License to use for any club events!

200 Members

At 200 members, your Local Chapter is the envy of the world! We will fund another $500 in event expences once per academic year to help bring your event dreams to life.

Event Sponsorship: $500

To celebrate your success, we will put arrange a 20 minute Q&A Skype call with a pro-player or caster of your group's choice for your next general meeting!

Skype Call with a Special Guest

Your chapter has reached the next level, now let's work on that game! We'll send you a pack of signed peripherals to use as prizing or giveaways.

Signed Gear Package


At 100 members, we will send you another package of gaming peripherals to use as prizing or giveaways at a Local Chapter event.

Additional Product Sponsorship (1/year)

We will design, print, and ship you a custom stand-up banner with your school's logo to help you advertise for your group.

Banner Stand with YOUR Logo

Congratulations! Reaching 100 members is a grand achievement worthy of celebration! Your Local Chapter will be included in Blizzard's quarterly College Highlight post.

College Highlight Showcase!

Time to brag! You can write an article promoting your Local Chapter's accomplishments for TeSPA's front page.

Front Page Article


To help you take your events to the next level, we will fund up to $300 in event expenses once per academic year.

Event Sponsorship (1/yr): $300

As your membership grows, it gets harder bring everyone together. Let us help! You'll have access to as many switches, ethernet cables, and power cords as you need once per year.

Equipment Inventory Access

At 65 members, we will send you a package of gaming peripherals to use as prizing or giveaways at a Local Chapter event.

Product Sponsorship Pack (1/year)

As your Local Chapter reaps the rewards of prosperous growth, so shall each member. Every member will receive three TeSPA-exclusive StarCraft II portraits.

StarCraft II In-Game Portraits

More information coming soon! This reward will not be available until Heroes of the Storm launches.

Heroes of the Storm In-Game Reward*


When you are new, it can be hard to stand out! This custom table cloth will help you attract attention of passers by as you table on campus.

Getting Started Pack!

25 members already?! You are growing fast. Let's take that sharp-looking website you've outfitted with photos and content and show it off to the world.

Website Goes Public

It's about time for your first round of membership supplies! If we haven't sent it yet, start expecting member T-Shirts and TeSPA key caps.

First Shipment!

Access to our Bounty Board let's you take advantage of unique opportunities for funding and support from our sponsors as they arise. Coming March 2014.

Bounty Board Key

More information coming soon! This reward will not be available until fall 2014.

Hearthstone In-Game Reward*

*Membership Benefits are subject to Terms and Conditions and may be modified. Certain benefits (marked) are not immediately available and may not be available until the following academic year.