Organization Sponsors

Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software which is focused on creating the most epic entertainment experiences ever. TeSPA and Blizzard share the common goal of providing ongoing, meaningful support to our passionate community of gamers and eSports fans in order to create those amazing experiences.
TwitchTV is the world’s largest video game broadcasting and chat community, and a critical component in the successful growth of e-sports. TeSPA and TwitchTV have been working together since Spring 2011 and are excited to continue to supporting the realm of collegiate gaming by increasing its visibility and helping to grow streamers of all levels.


Lone Star Clash Sponsors

TteSPORTS is a leading gaming peripherals manufacturer that makes top of the line gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets. The TteSPORTS brand is all about extreme competition and challenging the impossible – core values we share. TteSPORTS and TeSPA have been working closely together since TeSPA’s second major tournament in the spring of 2011.
Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result in great games. TeSPA is proud to welcome Riot Games’ title League of Legends to Lone Star Clash II and is excited to continue working closely with Riot to promote e-sports at the collegiate level.
XSplit Broadcaster is a desktop application designed to make multimedia broadcasting and recording a lot easier and more fun to do. TeSPA exclusively uses the amazingly versatile and robust XSplit Broadcaster for live stream event production and for streaming weekly CSL and IvyLoL matches at colleges around the state.
AT&T is a leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services and provider of the largest Wi-Fi and 4G networks in the United States. TeSPA is proud to continue working with AT&T by ushering them into the e-sports tournament scene as the official telecommunications sponsor for Lone Star Clash II.
Red Bull is one of the most well known energy drinks on the market. The Red Bull brand represents extreme performance and overcoming the impossible – values we appreciate! Red Bull will power the body’s and minds of professional and collegiate gamers at Lone Star Clash II.
Alienware is a leading manufacturer of high end gaming computers that are capable of handling anything that even the most hardcore gamers throw at them. Alienware first worked with TeSPA for Lone Star Clash I and will be the exclusive PC partner for Lone Star Clash II. Players at the event will compete on Alienware’s Aurora and X51 desktop models.
AverMedia is a designer and manufacturer of digital multimedia technology including capture cards designed for high quality and reliable gameplay recording and live streaming. TeSPA is proud to use Aver capture cards in all livestream production.
BenQ offers the highest quality gaming monitors on the market. The BenQ RL series professional gaming monitor is co-developed by professional gamers and offer features and functions specifically tailored to maximize RTS game play. TeSPA is excited to offer BenQ RL2450HT monitors to all collegiate and professional players at Lone Star Clash.
TwitchTV is the world’s largest video game broadcasting and chat community. TeSPA and TwitchTV have been working together since Spring 2011 and are excited to continue that trend for Lone Star Clash II. TwitchTV is a critical component in the successful growth of e-sports and is supporting the first ever Lone Star Clash StarCraft qualifier.
Day[9]TV is an internet television channel where you learn to “Be a Better Gamer” five nights a week at 7pm PST on TwitchTV. We’re excited to welcome host Sean “Day[9]” Plott as a StarCraft II caster at Lone Star Clash II. We also thank the whole Day[9]TV team for their invaluable help and support.
LynxSquare is an Austin-based startup company based out of Austin Technology Incubator. LynxSquare is a peer to peer online marketplace for people to connect with their friends and like-minded customers to save money buying games and other products together. TeSPA is excited to bring LynxSquare’s unique model to Texas gamers and Lone Star Clash II viewers.
Obutto produces gaming workstations that incorporate many revolutionary design features which enhance comfort while gaming and productivity while working. Obutto will be giving away a gaming cockpit computer and chair setup to a lucky stream viewer! Check out the Obutto website for a full list of Obutto products and more information.
Mirametrix provides an easy and affordable eye tracker and eye tracking software. TeSPA is excited to feature Mirametrix eyetrackers at Lone Star Clash II to provide a never-before seen view of professional players’ eye movements in-game.
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