Our Team

Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software which is focused on creating the most epic entertainment experiences ever. TeSPA and Blizzard share the common goal of providing ongoing, meaningful support to our passionate community of gamers and eSports fans in order to create those amazing experiences.
TwitchTV is the world’s largest video game broadcasting and chat community, and a critical component in the successful growth of e-sports. TeSPA and TwitchTV have been working together since Spring 2011 and are excited to continue to supporting the realm of collegiate gaming by increasing its visibility and helping to grow streamers of all levels.
J!NX is a lifestyle brand representing people who are intoxicated by gaming. Much like TeSPA, J!NX was founded by gamers for gamers and is run by a team which couldn’t be more passionate about the things they do. Their commitment to the community really shines through in the awesome designs they bring to life and groups they support. By teaming up, we hope to connect our members with a slew of great gaming apparel which allow them to embrace their inner geek like never before.
XSplit has been cultivating a community of users by providing them with the proper tools to reach their audiences through online streaming and broadcasting. Their flagship application is XSplit Broadcaster that is used for professional presentations, but they also recently came out with the XSplit Gamecaster created specifically for gamers. Go check their products here!
Gunnar Optiks is the leading eyewear brand in the gaming industry and a staunch supporter of Eports. All of their products are engineered to eliminate eye strain while increasing contrast, comfort and focus for anyone using a computer, gaming console or simply coding the next big thing.
SteelSeries is a top provider of gaming peripherals such as keyboards, controllers, headsets, mice, and much more. SteelSeries is a proud sponsor of collegiate gaming and Tespa.