Fireside Gathering at UCI

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On Saturday, April 26th, The Associations of Gamers at UCI headed to the on-campus Starbucks for the Fireside Gathering. Although there wasn’t a real fire, people gathered around for free coffee and played Hearthstone on their laptops and iPads. There were laughter in the air while stories of their epic battles were being exchanged. As more and more people showed up for the event, the mass of Hearthstone players overtook the native coffee drinkers who had arrived before them.

Creeping in the darkness, an evil heard their hearty laughter and awoke from its slumber. It was known as Visitor access. In an attempt to dishearten the players, visitor access on the UCI Mobile Internet did not allow visitors to connect to the game. However, the T.A.G. officers quickly gave up their laptops and made them into virtual routers for the visitors, overcoming the internet block to allow everyone to play. As a reward, the players received a surprise visit from Michael Morhaime, the CEO of Blizzard, and the Hearthstone development team, who came with many goodies.

Since the day was still young, a RNG (random number generator) tournament was declared as a way of celebrating the newly acquired internet access. User names were thrown across the room, hoping to reach their opponent. Cries of victories and defeats were heard shortly after. Everything seemed to finally work according to plan. Little did they know, another boss lurked around the corner.

Before the tournament was able to come to a close, the end boss, a Starbucks manager, threw everyone out of the room. Players left with bellies full of coffee and limited edition items to remind them of their time at the Fireside Gathering. The tournament was moved to a safer online location and is now still in progress. Remnants of the tournament can be seen online as brackets are being posted. And the winner of the tournament? Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the champion at the next Fireside Gathering. ( Spoiler: Look below for the date. )











Photos taken by Jennifer Hall.

Draven Approved Reminders:

-This Thursday, May 15th, is our first annual end of the year banquet! It will be held at Balboa Island A in the Student Center from 6-10pm. For more information, click here. Don’t miss out and remember to dress to impress!

-Missed the last Fireside Gathering? Welp, that’s unfortunate. Luckily for you, the next Fireside Gathering will be on Saturday, May 24th from 5-10pm at the Student Center. Make sure you don’t miss this one! For more information, click here.

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    I was there that day. It was very fun. Didn’t know it involved the TeSPA elitist that Blizzard seems to hold up as so special (nice card back) !!!!