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As Tespa members, college students will get the support they need to host their own events, grow local gaming communities, and connect with other gamers at their school and beyond.

“Tespa is jocks, it’s geeks, it’s musicians, it’s athletes, it’s a place for everyone. If you love playing games with friends, Tespa offers you a place to call home.”

Yugina Yun, Boston U

Upgrade your gaming experience

If you're an actively enrolled student at any college campus in the USA or Canada, you can become a Tespa member for free, connect with other students on your campus, and participate in all of our new and upcoming member programs.

Students looking for the ultimate college gaming experience can upgrade to Tespa Plus, an annual membership that offers exclusive digital rewards for your favorite games and an epic care package with Tespa Plus gear and apparel. 

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Plus Members Earn

  • Official "Flame-powered" Tespa collection

    Includes a shirt, mousepad, fridge magnet, and class patch. Guaranteed to give you a +10 in charisma and style. 

  • Rare digital rewards

    Exclusive Hearthstone™ cardback, in-game portraits for StarCraft II™ and Heroes of the Storm™, loot crates, and more!

  • Members-only offers

    Special discount codes and offers from game company partners and corporate sponsors.

Build better experiences

As a leader of a Tespa chapter, you’ll be taking on the challenge of building a home for college gaming on your campus.  Host amazing viewing parties.  Produce epic tournaments.  Take the reins of your chapter and unite gamers at your school like never before. 

To support our chapters, we work with partners to building epic campaigns where chapters across North America can host officially-supported events with Tespa prizes and loot to give away.  Campaigns are a great way to level-up any events, from chapter meetings to social gatherings to massive LAN events.  Whatever your chapter’s ambitions, we're here to help.

Networking with other student leaders at Tespa gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and community support. Our leaders meet regularly to discuss best practices, share experiences, and help others follow in the footsteps of successful college organizations.  We also employ a full team of Regional Coordinators to provide year-round mentorship and support for our chapters.  If you’ve got questions, we have the answers!

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Chapter Leaders Get

  • Help getting started

    Kickstart your recruitment with a welcome kit full of signage and promotional gear, designed to help you get noticed on campus

  • Leadership support

    Collaborate with our network of the top college organizers and mentors for continuous growth

  • Campaign packages for your chapter

    Regular shipments of Tespa loot mean you can plan events early for maximum impact

Achieve your big stage dreams

Tespa is the world's leader in competitive college esports, with 6 year-round gaming leagues and over $2,000,000 in scholarships given to date.  Our mission is to host epic premier leagues that recognize and reward the top competitors and teams in college esports, while also providing year-round open leagues that give up-and-coming players and place to hone their skills.  The best players and teams in our esports programs have appeared on ESPN, Twitch, MLG, and other major network broadcasts. 

For all of our competitors, our dream is to help you support your future through gaming.  One hundred percent of our prizing comes in the form of scholarships; it’s our way of integrating gaming excellence with the opportunity to grow as a student. Playing games is fun, but school should always come first.  

We believe that competitive gaming can change students’ lives for the better. These are the stories we want to celebrate – and yours could be next!

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Our Competitors Get

  • A shot at glory

    Step up, be recognized for your skill, and represent your university

  • A chance at scholarships

    Compete for your share of huge scholarship prizes - more than $2 million to date

  • Exclusive competitor rewards

    Epic in-game rewards and exclusive gaming apparel, just for competing against other college gamers