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Supercharge your events with our improved campaign program.

“To educate, empower, and pave the way for gaming on campus through encouragement of regular gatherings.”

– Campaign Program Mission Statement

Tespa's Campaign Program is a year-round event support program for chapters. If you're a returning leader, you'll notice that this year's program introduces several new features, all based on your feedback.

Campaign Program

Several times a year, chapter leaders can submit a Campaign application for official Tespa support for a club event or gathering. When the application is approved, Tespa will send a campaign package full of tools, gaming gear, and partner items to your chapter. Afterwards, your chapter is required to submit an event recap with at least 15 photos. Photos must document how items were given away, the event size, and activities. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Campaign Program Flowchart for a quick visualization of the process!


Tespa Elite Events: Powered by ROG

Last year’s Legendary Event Challenge is returning as the Elite Events program, powered by Republic of Gamers! If you're an active chapter leader, you can submit an application to upgrade your Spring chapter event to Elite status to earn high-powered loaner laptops, ROG gear, and more!

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Flexible Application Timelines

This year, we're expanding the campaign application window to provide chapter leaders more flexibility to host the biggest and best events. Each semester will have one long, uninterrupted period during which you may submit multiple campaign applications.

For a more detailed look at the Campaign schedule, check out our Campaign Guide.

Campaign Guide

Campaign Schedule
Fall CampaignsAugust 16 - December 13
Battle for Azeroth BundleAugust 16 - TBD
Spring Campaigns

January 10 - May 29

Submitting Recaps

After every campaign event, chapter leaders are required to submit a photo album that showcases the attendees, prizes, and best moments of the event. In order to maintain your campaign tier, your recap must contain a minimum of 15 high quality photos. 

After your recap is submitted, your chapter’s Chapter Coordinator evaluates the recap based on public grading rubric. Study the rubric and reach out to your Community Coordinator to make sure your events are meeting the criteria to maintain or even upgrade your campaign tier. 

Tiers & Promotions

Chapters will be eligible to receive an upgraded package tier for the next campaign period if ALL three of the following requirements are met:

  1. Current Campaign recap approved by your Community Coordinator with a "Great" recap score or higher on the grading rubric

  2. Attendance from your latest Campaign Event, based on recap photos, meets the attendance expectations of the NEXT tier

  3. Your NEXT Campaign Event has the minimum number of attendees for NEXT tier, based on event page attendance

Use these guidelines to help your event team understand how to plan the best events possible, allowing your chapter to consistently upgrade packages throughout the school year. 

Campaign Guide & Live Support

Excited to level-up your campus events? The Campaign Guide is a comprehensive resource for campaign requirements, processes, and tiers — everything you need to know to make your campus one of the greats.

Campaign Guide