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Find your team, sharpen your skills, and dominate the opposition in our Tespa competitive leagues.

A decade of collegiate esports.

Over the past decade, over 30,000 students have competed in Tespa competitive leagues, spanning 7 different games and awarding over $3M in scholarships! Leagues are open to all Tespa members, regardless of college or chapter status.

New year, new leagues!

Tespa is excited to announce year-long programs for Overwatch, Hearthstone, StarCraft, and Heroes of the Storm with a Preseason in the Fall and a Regular Season into a Championship in the Spring.

Fall is designed to allow teams to play at a more casual pace playing weekly matches against similarly ranked teams. This will allow all new incoming students or gamers a place to familiarize themselves in a competitive setting, and give schools time to identify their strongest teams before heading into the Spring Championship season.

<span>What are premier and open leagues?</span>

What are premier and open leagues?

Regular Seasons and Championships are high-stakes competitive programs that offer meaningful scholarships for top teams and competitors at every college. These leagues enforce stricter academic requirements, and are contained within a single season to prevent player fatigue.

Open leagues and Preseasons will be open to all students looking to play, with less stringent academic and time commitment requirements. Open Leagues are a great way to sharpen your skills or simply have fun playing with friends. 


Collegiate Rocket League

3...2…1...GO! Psyonix and Tespa team up for the return of Collegiate Rocket League, a three month battle for $75,000 USD in scholarships and the title of Collegiate Rocket League National Champions. Participating schools will compete in weekend qualifiers in September for a chance to claim one of the eight open slots in each regional conference, then battle other schools in their conference for a place in the National Championship.

Teams who don’t qualify for their conference or want a place to practice against similarly ranked teams can join the open ladder, a parallel leaderboard that will offer a second chance to join their conference playoffs as a wild card.

2017-2018 National Champions
Northeastern University
Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensAug. 21
Qualifier #1Sept. 8-9
Qualifier #2Sept. 15-16
Conference Group StageSept. 24 - Oct. 16
Conference PlayoffsOct. 22 - 30
Conference ClashNov. 5 - 6
Open LadderSept. 17 - Nov. 25
Wild Card QualifierOct. 19 - 20

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Overwatch Collegiate Championship

“Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?” College Overwatch is back! Rally your classmates for the Overwatch Collegiate Championship, a year-long battle for glory and prizes! The fall semester will be an open leaderboard preseason, where schools can field any number of teams to play in weekly matches. Team ratings earned during the preseason will seed into the spring championship bracket.

All teams who participate in at least five weeks of matches during the preseason will earn exclusive Overwatch merchandise for playing!

2017-2018 National Champions
University of California, Berkeley
Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensAug. 20
Registration ClosesSpring TBA
Pre-Season StartSept. 23
Pre-Season EndDec. 9
Regular Season StartSpring TBA

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Hearthstone Collegiate Champs


Gather your friends and rally your roommates—the Hearthstone Collegiate Championship is going back to school to start off the 2018 - 2019 academic year with $48,000 in scholarship prizing!

This tournament offers a twist on the classic single-player Hearthstone experience—seasoned competitors and new challengers alike will form three-player teams that compete as one group using any of their teammates' Hearthstone account! Are you up for the challenge?

2017-2018 National Champions
Pennsylvania State University
Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensAug. 20
Registration ClosesSept. 29
Tournament BeginsOct. 1
Regional SwissNov. 17-18
Regional PlayoffsDec. 1-2
Championship BracketDec. 8-9
FinalsDec. 15-16

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Hearthstone Varsity

Last Season, University of Utah took the crown in the first ever Hearthstone Varsity Division. We are excited to announce that the Hearthstone Varsity Division will also be returning as a part of the 2019 Hearthstone Collegiate Championship Spring season bigger and better than ever.

The Varsity Division, specifically for schools that have designated esports as a club sport or varsity team, will run for 7 weeks in geographically-clustered round robin groups.

Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensAug. 20
Registration ClosesOct. 24
Varsity Groups AnnouncedNovember
Tournament BeginsSpring

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Heroes of the Storm

Let the battle begin! As the dust settles from another electrifying year of Heroes of the Storm competitions, Tespa is challenging all competitors to hone their skills in our latest edition of the Tespa Collegiate Series: Heroes Preseason. Students at any college in the USA and Canada can sign up as a team of five to seven players and participate in an ongoing Heroes of the Storm ladder with seasonal rewards for top placers.

The Preseason will also feature a fluid participation bracket, so any college will be able to register at any point throughout the season to compete against teams of similar skill ranking — a perfect place to practice and prepare for the Spring season.

Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensAug. 20
Tournament BeginsSept. 17
Season End BracketNov. 10 - 11

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2017-2018 National Champions
Université Laval
StarCraft II

StarCraft II

All systems, go! Tespa’s fall season will feature an open enrollment StarCraft II league for both solo and teams of three. Students will battle in weekly matches throughout the season to determine their place on the leaderboard. The top 8 players and teams after playoffs will receive prizing, and the top 8 team brawl teams will receive a guaranteed spot in the spring league.

All teams or players that finish 12 complete matches will receive an exclusive Tespa StarCraft II portrait.

2017-2018 National Champions
University of California, Berkeley
Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensAug. 20
Registration ClosesNov. 12
Tournament BeginsSept. 29
1v1 PlayoffsDec. 1 - 2
Team Brawl PlayoffsDec. 8 - 9

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