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It's easy to become a Tespa member. Join us at our member portal to get involved in the action!

How do I start a new chapter?

  1. Submit an Application

    First, check below to make sure you meet all of our chapter requirements. Once you do, submit a chapter application. We're looking for the most passionate, well-organized and driven folks out there!

  2. Get Approved, Get Started

    Upon approval, Tespa leaders will follow up with more information on next steps.

    We receive a lot of applications and it takes time to review them. Please be patient with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to become a chapter?

    Tespa is always looking for enthusiastic and communicative chapters who embrace challenge, build for the future, and foster inclusivity to join our network. Here’s what we’d like to see from our chapters:


    Chapters who do not meet these requirements will be automatically rejected.

       1. Your organization must be officially registered and recognized by your college/university.

       2Your organization must be at least 6 months old, game-agnostic and have held two, documented in-person events.

       3Your school must reside within the United States or Canada.

       4You must have at least three student officers committed to leading the organization, including yourself.

       5You must have a faculty or staff adviser associated with the organization.

       6Your organization must have at least 25 active members.

    You can also check out our Admissions Overview for more details.

  • What are the preferred requirements (higher chance of acceptance)?

    We are on the lookout for qualities that are indicative of structured, organized and mature chapters. We strongly recommend that you have…
        1. Active social media with engaged members.
        2. Solid transition plans for recruiting new officers.
        3. Previous experience running events.
        4. Polite/timely communications with Tespa.

  • How many members do I need to apply to be a chapter?

    Enthusiasm for college gaming is most important, but we recommend that you have at least 25 active people in your group to get started. There’s strength—and fun—in numbers when it comes to Tespa.

  • How will becoming a Tespa chapter benefit my organization?

    Tespa offers multiple support programs for our chapters, including a network crafted to connect you with leaders and resources in the collegiate esports industry, our membership program, and our campaign program.

  • I haven’t heard back regarding my application for a long time! What should I do?

    If you haven’t heard back from us, you can check the status of your application by submitting a support ticket from your MyTespa account.

  • My application got rejected! When can I/should I reapply?

    We recommend you apply in the following semester after reviewing the feedback we gave you and improving on it. It’s great to see chapters filled with determination!

  • I have more questions...

    And we want to hear them!  You can contact the Tespa team on Discord  or email  support@tespa.org with any additional questions you might have.

How do I join an existing chapter?

  1. Find a Chapter

    Finding an established Tespa chapter close to you is the first step. Contacting the chapter leaders will have you on your way.

  2. Join MyTespa

    By registering and validating your student status on our web platform, you can jump into the action.

  3. Get Going

    Once you’re validated on MyTespa, Join your chapter, finish registration (including dues payment), and start enjoying those benefits.

    That’s it! Now go play some games, already.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to join Tespa?

    Creating a Tespa chapter at your university is completely free. Optional Tespa membership dues for officers and members are $20 USD per academic year. Members can use PayPal to pay online at  MyTespa. Your dues are used to support our programs, provide great benefits to our campus communities and host top-notch competitive events. 

  • My School Doesn't have a Chapter. What can I do?

    No problem! Learn more about starting a new chapter on your campus.

  • I have more questions…

    And we have more answers! Contact the Tespa team directly with any additional questions not addressed here.