You’ve worked long and hard in classes all year, but a hero’s work is never done! Sharpen your swords and practice your aim, because the second Overwatch Summer Series is about to be in session!


To help schools prepare for upcoming collegiate Overwatch leagues this fall, Tespa invites teams of all skill levels from schools across Canada and the United States to compete weekly from July 10 to August 20.

Schools can field as many rosters of six to eight players as they wish, and teams may join at any point during the competition. Teams will be included in an ongoing Collegiate Ladder and assigned between zero and three ladder matches per week against squads of a similar rating.

The number of matches each team is assigned each week, as well as match scheduling, is entirely up to the players. There will, of course, be Collegiate Ladder rating decays for teams who average fewer than one match a week. There will also be set match times at the end of each week in case teams in the assigned match don’t want to schedule it themselves.

Defeat your rivals and climb your way to the top of the Summer Series Collegiate Ladder to win a coveted Reaper Statue, Blizzard Balance, and seeding toward upcoming fall Overwatch programs. Additionally, all teams who complete at least 8 ladder matches will receive their choice of a free shirt, with options outlined below!


  • 1st: Overwatch Reaper Statue (ARV $150.00) per player.
  • 2nd: $60.00 in Blizzard balance per player.
  • 3rd: $45.00 in Blizzard balance per player.
  • 4th: $30.00 in Blizzard balance per player.
  • 5th-8th: $25.00 in Blizzard balance per player.
  • 9th-12th: $15.00 in Blizzard balance per player.
  • 13th-16th: $10.00 in Blizzard balance per player.

Participation Prize

All players who compete in eight or more of the weekly matches are eligible to receive one free Overwatch Shirt of your choice (ARV $15.00 USD) of the following styles:

  • Overwatch Tespa Summer Series
  • Overwatch League
  • Overwatch Logo