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Tespa is proud to announce our program plans for the upcoming Fall 2019 semester.

After a nail-biting Championship season, Overwatch Collegiate is back with some exciting new changes!

We are excited to introduce the all-new Varsity Series, a new format designed for varsity esports programs by some of the leaders in the collegiate space. On top of the new format, we are rolling out a newly-revamped Overwatch Collegiate Championship Pre-season, as well as enhanced eligibility rules, sportsmanship requirements, and some awesome prizes to top everything off.

Overwatch Collegiate: Varsity Series 2019

61 universities fielded official Overwatch rosters in our Varsity League this past spring. The success of this program showed us that it was time to do more than simply carve out a league for them in the Championship series. In order to fully celebrate this thriving new segment of our community, we're excited to launch the Overwatch Collegiate: Varsity Series 2019! We geek out about the details of this program further down the page (so read on for more details!), but it's important to call out that applications for the Series close on August 19th.


Every university that officially sanctions or tangibly supports esports as a student activity is eligible to participate in the Varsity Series. If you're not sure if your program qualifies, we invite you to apply anyways -- or, you can reach out to varsity@tespa.org for more information.

Apply Here!

Varsity Series Schedule
Applications CloseAug 19
Qualifier 1Sep 21, Sep 22
Qualifier 2Sep 27, Sep 28
IMPORTANT: Qualifier 2 dates have changed!
Invitational PeriodOct 5 through Oct 26
Swiss PeriodOct 5 through Oct 26
PlayoffsNov 2, Nov 3, Nov 9, Nov 10

Varsity Series: Key Changes

Varsity Series: Key Changes

The Series features a few key details that are unique to this program:

  • A tiered Invitational format to highlight the best varsity programs
  • An accelerated announcement timeline
  • 12-person rosters and a formalized roster-swap schedule
For more details about the program, please take a look at our Official Rules which can be found here.

Varsity Series: Invitational

Varsity Series: Invitational

At the heart of this Series is the Varsity Invitational, a round-robin bracket open to only the best Varsity programs in North America. Teams will be selected for the Invitational based on a variety of factors:

  • Program health & stability
  • Infrastructure and facilities support
  • Staffing & other player support systems
  • Community collaboration & career development
  • Esports-related scholarships

We understand that newer programs won't have enough time to implement any of these support structures before the Fall semester, so fear not! At least four teams will be pulled into the Invitational via the Varsity Qualifier brackets in September.

Overwatch Collegiate: Preseason

Spring 2020 Preseason

The vast majority of our 511 teams this spring were club teams, and Tespa will always be a grassroots collegiate organization at heart. So while we aren't quite ready to announce our upcoming plans for the Preseason, we want to assure you that there will be another Overwatch Collegiate program this fall that is designed explicitly for non-varsity student teams.

We were overwhelmed by the interest and support we received throughout this past year, and we want to ensure the program is ready before we share it with you. Please stay tuned to our Twitter page to be the first to know when we launch the 2020 Preseason!

Eligibility Policies

Throughout our years of operating tournaments, Tespa has always stayed true to our first core value: "STUDENTS FIRST." Self-betterment and career development should always be a student's primary focus, and we hold all of our students accountable to the same eligibility standards to preserve that balance. This section is a summary of our Official Eligibility rules, which can be found here.


In order to compete in the Varsity Series, players must:

  • Be a legal resident, or legal temporary resident, of the United States or Canada
  • Be above the age of majority in their respective state or province
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university or college
  • Be in good standing according to their university's policies

For any non-varsity competition, we only require half-time enrollment or higher.

Student Sportsmanship

We hold our competitors to a high standard when it comes to their behavior, whether they're in an official match or just playing online. As the college esports ecosystem continues to evolve and develop, it's up to us (and you) to set a precedent of kindness, compassion and sportsmanship within our leagues. These requirements are the start of a wider effort to standardize and elevate our sportsmanship and discipline policies across all our tournaments & programs. They are also a summary of our Official Rules, which can be found here.


In order to compete in the Varsity Series, students must:

  • Be in good standing on any Blizzard accounts registered in their name (that is, not Suspended, Silenced, Suspended or Banned)
  • Not have any major account discipline incidents logged on their Blizzard accounts within the past 6 months
  • Not use foul language or engage in conduct that cound be deemed obscene, foul, abusive, or otherwise offensive.
  • Not promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct.
  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or any other reason.

Every member of your team should review, understand and adhere to the full list of conduct requirements outlined in our Official Rules. Should you feel that any of our competitors are in violation of the conduct rules above, or is otherwise violating the Official Rules of the tournament, please report them via our Team Misconduct Report Form. We take your reports very seriously, and investigate every allegation to the fullest extent we can.

Tournament Format

Tournament Format

The Varsity Series consists of 2 key phases:

  • The Round-Robin Varsity Invitational
  • The Swiss Bracket Main Season

These two phases happen in parallel - varsity teams will only be seeded into one of the phases. The top 8 teams from the Invitational are then seeded, along with the top 2 teams from the Main Season, into a Single Elimination Playoffs bracket. The 8 Invitational finalists will receive preferential byes in the Playoffs.

All tournament play this fall will utilize the '2-2-2' role lock system.

Format Graphic

Varsity Series Prizing

Varsity Series Prizing

We're trying something new for this Series - we would love to hear your thoughts.

1st Place

1x Varsity Series Trophy & 12x medals

1st-10th Place (Playoffs)

1x Custom-made Varsity Series jacket for players, substitutes and team managers

Participation Prize

1x Custom-made Overwatch lanyard for players, substitutes and team managers