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The ultimate college gaming experience.

For members, leaders, and competitors looking for a way to upgrade their Tespa experience, we’re offering a way to earn new exclusive in-game rewards, members-only merchandise, and an augmented web experience. Introducing Tespa Plus, the ultimate membership for student gamers.

Upgrade now to get your hands on our custom-designed Plus merchandise and in-game rewards!

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Show your college pride!

We partner with developers like Blizzard and brands like Republic of Gamers to bring the digital world’s sweetest loot back to our Plus members.

  • Hearthstone®️ Dalaran Flame Card Back

  • Heroes of the Storm®️ Alarak Portrait

  • StarCraft®️ Heroic Portrait Pack

  • Heroes of the Storm®️ Epic Loot Chests

  • Blizzard®️ Gear Store Discount

Exclusive In-game Benefits

Exclusive In-game Benefits

All in-game cosmetics included in the Tespa Plus membership are fully exclusive to Tespa Plus members.

"Tespa Arcade" Membership Package

Each year, we design a custom set of Tespa gear to prepare our members for the college adventures ahead. This year, our theme is… Tespa Arcade!

  • Tespa Arcade Member Shirt

  • Tespa Arcade 30" Gaming Mousepad

  • Tespa Arcade Flame Sticker

  • Tespa Arcade Cabinet Sticker

<span id="docs-internal-guid-2755b1cc-fefa-22e2-5ff1-9b6a06050803"><strong>Tespa Arcade</strong></span><strong>™ </strong>Plus Package

Tespa Arcade™ Plus Package

Inspired by bright pixels and nostalgic fighting games. Designed by Anh Nguyen.

Plus Ultra!

As a Tespa Plus member, you’ll automatically receive 20% bonus experience in our Member Progression system, which means you’ll earn your in-game rewards and Tespa achievements 20% faster!

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<strong>Progression Benefits</strong>

Progression Benefits

Unlock Tespa Plus member avatars and earn bonus EXP as you level up your character!