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Literally level up your member experience and earn rewards!

Life should be more like an adventure.

Embark on an epic journey, overcome obstacles, and claim your reward at the heart of the dungeon  somehow, the age-old formula still rings true in our hearts. That's why today, we're proud to reveal the launch of our new progression system, a complete overhaul of our membership program with new challenges and new rewards for all student members.

Earn Experience

Starting today, members will be able to earn experience for interacting with our website, engaging with their community, and competing in our online leagues!


Gain Levels

As you complete quests, you’ll level up and unlock new borders, avatars, and digital benefits! These levels will reset seasonally, so you can keep earning rewards every year.


Claim Rewards

Once you’ve earned a progression reward, you’ll be able to head to your benefits, claim your in-game rewards, and customize your profile with avatars and borders!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to participate in the Progression system?
Heck, no! We want Tespa's Progression system to be a fun way to grow with us as you embark on your college adventures, not a paywall. Any valid student in North America will be able to earn the same rewards as everybody else.

What kind of rewards can you unlock?
Our first wave of rewards include Tespa profile cosmetics and in-game rewards for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. We'll be working to expand our rewards system based on member feedback as more students test out the system.

What's the catch?
You'll need to give us your social security number to get started. Just kidding — there's no catch. We figured that there's a certain subset of activities that our members regularly like to participate in, so we thought it would be cool to reward members that are more active with free stuff and a sense of accomplishment. Quite frankly, we have no proof this is fun, but we're hoping our love of RPG's is shared by students around the world.

Leveling Chart
Account Creation10 EXP
Set Profile Preferences10 EXP
Student Validation40 EXP
Like Facebook20 EXP
Follow Twitter20 EXP
Link Blizzard Account30 EXP
Link Steam Account10 EXP
Link Discord Account20 EXP
Join Chapter40 EXP
Join Tespa Plus100 EXP
Complete Tournament Match20 EXP