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Learn and achieve skills to earn rewards for your chapter.

On the shoulders of giants.

Over the past decade, hundreds of chapter leaders have accepted our quest to create epic college gaming communities. Today, we’re proud to announce the Beta release of our Chapter Skill Trees program, a progression system based on the chapter leader journey walked by past generations.

Tespa chapter leaders should never have to adventure alone. That’s our promise.

What are Skill Trees?

Chapter Skill Trees is an RPG-style progression system with 38 achievable “skills”, or chapter accomplishments, designed to mirror the core competencies of our most successful chapters. Each skill comes with a skill guide that contains:

  • Recommended Steps, a step-by-step overview of the actions you need to complete the skill.

  • Advice & Suggestions, a compilation of situational advice and historical knowledge from our top leaders and employees

  • Submission Guidelines, a summary of the items you need to submit to complete the skill

Our goal is for our chapter leaders to be able to target and complete skills throughout the year to maintain steady development for their chapters. The less time you spend thinking about what to do next, the more time you can spend doing.

Skills Interface

Skills Interface

A public-facing interface where you can browse your current skills, view reward progress, read skill guides, and track your leaderboard progress. View your chapter's interface by heading to your school's MyTespa homepage and clicking the "Skills" button.

Skill Badges & Completion Rewards

With the introduction of Patch 1.2, Completion Rewards are now available for all chapters! Each time you complete a skill by having your Chapter Coordinator mark the skill as complete, you'll earn progress towards the rewards milestones at 20, 30, and 40 skills completed.

  • 20 Skills: Unlock the "Stim Pack" — This Stim Pack contains bonus gear from Tespa & ROG that you can use to reward your officers for their hard work building towards Skill Tree milestones!
  • 30 Skills: Unlock "Event Priority" — This milestone will give your chapter priority access to Tespa "Side Quests" and ROG "Elite Events", which are special activations limited to a certain number of chapters.
  • 40 Skills: Unlock "Skill Trophy" — For hardcore completionists, this milestone will earn your chapter a shiny achivement reward at the end of the year, exclusive to the year of completion.

To claim a reward, simply connect with your Chapter Coordinator to verify your progress.

Skill Badges

Skill Badges

Each time you complete a skill tree, you earn a badge that gives your chapter buffs!

Future Development

The current version of Chapter Skill Trees is a Beta release that contains the core features — skills and skill guides. In the future, we plan on developing:

  • More skills and skill trees, evolving based on the current collegiate ecosystem and new companies that we partner with.

  • Chapter leader involvement, by allowing chapter leaders to submit their own advice and suggestions to skills for future generations.

  • Improved rewards, by adding passive membership bonuses to Skill Badges.

  • Improved user interface, by allowing chapter leaders to target new skills and submit completed skills without contacting your Chapter Coordinator.

  • Better infrastructure,by linking with features like Loot Drops and Member Progression so that your chapters’ achievements support your members, and vice versa.

We’ll be releasing new features and changes through regular patch notes posted in the Tespa Discord and Chapter Council.

Latest Patch: CST 1.2

Latest Patch: CST 1.2

Our November patch release announced Completion Rewards, Progress Bars, a Leaderboard, and more! 

Feedback & Suggestions

Chapter Skill Trees is, first and foremost, a program for chapter leaders designed by former chapter leaders. In order for this feature to be successful, we need regular and honest feedback from our leaders.

Tell us about your experience and what features you’d like to see by talking to your Chapter Coordinator or discussing the program in the Chapter Council Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the Chapter Skill Trees program?

Completion is currently optional for Active chapters. However, Beta chapters must complete certain basic skills to attain Active chapter status. Please refer to the Chapter Status page for information.

What if I can't complete a skill because of a school policy?

Every school is different, and we understand that. Contact your Chapter Coordinator if you're blocked from completing a skill because of a school policy, and we'll find an alternative solution for you on a case-by-case basis.

Do skills and skill badges expire?

Skills are reset at the end of every year to encourage consistency, but Skill Badges that you earn will persist until the end of the following year, which means that earning badges will benefit future generations of leaders at your chapter.

I have a better idea for a skill or skill guide!
That's awesome to hear, and we expect many leaders will feel this way! In the future, we plan to implement way for any leader to leave advice and suggestions for future leaders on each Skill Guide. For now, just send your feedback to your Chapter Coordinator and we'll do our best to manually implement your feedback.

How exact does my skill submission proof need to be?

Really, we have no way to verify if your submission proof is forged or not, but that's not really our priority. The skills and skill guides are really here to improve your chapter, and the only reason we have a submission stage is so that your Chapter Coordinator can check in and offer guidance on your progress. If you feel like cheating the system, that's your call.

Where can I view my chapter's skills? Can anyone see them?
You can view your skill tree by going to your chapter's MyTespa homepage and clicking on the "Skills" button. Currently, skill trees must be public. We encourage you to work with your community to accomplish skills!