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Strengthen your schools competitive teams and future teams by designating a Team Manager


Tespa's Team Manager Program allows student leaders and faculty members to take charge of the esports teams on their campus. Team Managers serve as a liaison between their respective schools and Tespa HQ by performing various roles for the teams that form for our competitive programs.

Team Managers must fulfill the required roles below for at least one competitive gaming team at their school. Any team with a registered Team Manager on their roster is flagged as an Official Team, allowing them access to special participation rewards in Tespa's premier programs. Team Managers will focus on ensuring their school is represented by a professional, cohesive team of their peers across all of Tespa's tournaments!

<span>Interested in representing your team?</span>

Interested in representing your team?

Fill out the application form below, please allow up to 7 days for our response.

Keep in mind approved applicants will need approval from either their schools Tespa Chapter or School Faculty. You do not need to be part of a Tespa chapter to be a team manager.

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Team Manager Responsibilities

Once accepted, Team Managers can choose how much they get involved in their school's competitive operations. We invite you to work with each individual team you represent to determine how the tasks below get distributed. Please note that Team Managers are no longer allowed to act as players or substitutes on any teams they are managing.

  • Oversee the formation and completion of competitive teams for Tespa programs at their school.
  • Hold tryouts, manage rosters, and coordinate match times
  • Receive and distribute physical and digital prizing earned by their teams.
  • Attend periodic Team Manager Meetings when requested by Tespa HQ.
  • Maintain familiarity with the Official Rules for any programs their teams are participating in.
  • Join, and actively monitor, the Tespa Compete Discord when their competitive teams are participating in a tournament.
  • If requested, document and report match results for all official games.
  • Communicate with Tespa Admins for any match or no-show disputes.