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A collection of resources to help your chapter transition from one class to the next.

Give the gift of legacy to your next generation of chapter leaders.

You, the chapter officers, are the lifeblood of gaming communities on campus. You provide vision, leadership, structure, and a place for your members to call home. But like all good things, all officers come and go. Eventually, everyone has to pass the torch.

The Transition Guide

To help you take the next step in your journey, we created a Transition Guide — a tutorial on how to give the gift of legacy to your next generation of officers. In this guide, you'll find a breakdown of the basic steps you'll need to select and onboard your new leadership, as well as some resources and templates to help you along the way.

Transition Guide


Complete Your Role Check

Ready to flip the switch on your new officers? Whether you used our Transition Guide or your own tried-and-true process, all we ask if that you finalize your selection by completing the Officer Role Check on MyTespa so we can continue to support your chapter for years to come.

MyTespa Role Check


Transition Resources Folder

Have your own tried-and-true recruitment process? No problem. The steps in our Transition Guide are optional, but we encourage you to use our resources if you think they'll be helpful.

Resources Folder

Templates & Guides

Templates & Guides

No need to reinvent the wheel. Browse through our Resources folder to see what you can reference or repurpose for your club!

Check Off Your Skills!

After you're finished with your Officer Transition, celebrate your victory by checking off the Basic Transition Program skill and the new Officer Graduation skill in your Chapter Skill Tree! If you're new to Skill Trees, head to the homepage below or ask your Chapter Coordinator for a quick tutorial.

Skills Homepage

Officer Graduation Skill

Officer Graduation Skill

The newly-revamped 39th skill covers how you can send off your graduating officers in style with an event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the Transition Guide?

Not at all -- this guide is here solely as a resource. The only true requirement is that you complete the Officer Role Check by the end of the year, regardless of whether or not your leadership team has changed, so that we know who to contact for your chapter. Feel free to adopt the guide and the resources provided in whatever capacity best suits your club.

Can our officer roles be different from the Role Check?

You don't need to follow the naming conventions word-by-word, but we encourage you to fill out the role check with the most relevant officer for each role. We also encourage you to add your entire officer board, even if their roles aren't marked as mandatory on the role check.

Where can I submit feedback?

Please fill out our feedback form here. We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve!

I'm struggling with finding a new team of officers!
Don't worry, you're not alone. Many leaders struggle to find new officers, and we're here to help. Reach out to your Chapter Coordinator so we can sit down with your team and provide personalized advice for your chapter.

I can't find my new officers in the Role Check!

To add your new officer board, each officer must be a verified student and a part of your chapter. If their student status has already been verified, they can join your Chapter by clicking "Join" on your Chapter Page.