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Leadership is the greatest adventure that college has to offer. Are you up for the challenge?

Build a home for gaming on your campus.

Whether you’re an aspiring leader or grizzled veteran, Tespa’s chapter program is here to help you lead your campus community to new heights. This year, we’re equipping all chapter leaders with stacked welcome kits, extravagant event boxes, and a brand-new suite of web tools to level up your campus events.

Start a new campaign for your gaming community.

Live gaming events are the perfect way to bring a community together to share experiences and nerd out with fellow students. Each year, we allow chapter leaders to apply for four Tespa campaigns, or officially recognized and sponsored chapter events. If chapter leaders consistently complete all campaign requirements, Tespa sends that chapter a themed box of video game loot for attendee giveaways and tournament prizes.

If you're a chapter leader, you can register a campaign event by creating an event on MyTespa. Or, head to our campaign information page to read about our program rules and regulations.

What are Tespa Chapters?

What are Tespa Chapters?

Tespa chapters are officially recognized gaming clubs at campuses across North America. To date, over 220 organizations, each with their own leadership team, have been chartered to host Tespa-supported gaming events for their members.

If you’re a Tespa member, you can use our website to locate a chapter near you, start attending events, and meet other like-minded students on your campus!

Start off the year with welcome kits!

For most chapter leaders, the first weeks of class are crucial for member recruitment and involvement. That’s why each year, we pack welcome kits with tabling gear and gaming giveaways to make sure our chapters have the biggest and baddest booths on the block.

If you're a Tespa chapter leader, you can sign up for your welcome kit by logging in to your Tespa account and activating your chapter for the 2017-2018 academic year.

If your chapter leader account has not been activated yet, contact your Regional Coordinator.

Introducing custom welcome kits!

Introducing custom welcome kits!

This year, chapter leaders will get to pick between a beginner pack and an advanced marketing pack. We know every campus is different, so tell us what you need!

Meet your Regional Coordinator.

Looking for help with your next event? Not sure how to add new members to your chapter page? Meet your Tespa Regional Coordinator, a community specialist dedicated to making sure you have everything you need to make your gaming community the best it can be.

If you filled out your transition form at the end of last year, your Regional Coordinator should have contacted you over the summer. If you haven't been contacted yet, send us an email so we can connect you with your coordinator.

What's a Regional Coordinator?

What's a Regional Coordinator?

Regional Coordinators are experienced chapter leaders that Tespa hires as mentors, event managers, and local representatives for each region. If you're a chapter leader, you can contact your Regional Coordinator for anything, from event questions to retweet requests to meetings with your school administrator.