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Find your team, sharpen your skills, and dominate the opposition in our Tespa competitive leagues.

Bring your skills to the college stage.

This year, Tespa is proud to announce competitive seasons for six different game titles, spanning the full course of the academic year and offering over $1,000,000 in scholarships and prizing.

New leagues, bigger prizes, and one epic year to compete.

We believe that one of the most important aspects of competition is giving our players a reliable league schedule they can plan around. That’s why starting today, we’re opening registration for all six of our Fall premier and open leagues for all students in the USA and Canada. We’ll be revealing additional details for our Spring leagues in the coming months.

With new leagues, new formats, and more scholarships than ever before, we’re positive this is going to be an incredible year for student competitors. From all of us at Tespa, good luck and have fun!

What are premier and open leagues?

What are premier and open leagues?

Premier leagues are high-stakes competitive programs that offer meaningful scholarships for top teams and competitors at every college. These leagues enforce stricter academic requirements, and are contained within a single season to prevent player fatigue.

Open leagues will be open to all students looking to play, with less stringent academic and time commitment requirements. Open Leagues are a great way to sharpen your skills or simply have fun playing with friends. 

TCS Overwatch


Move the payload! The Tespa Collegiate Series: Overwatch returns this Fall! Each college from across the USA and Canada will field a team of their best players to compete against other schools in their region, with the top schools from each region advancing to the national championship bracket where over $120,000 USD in scholarships and prizing awaits.

Additional teams from a school can keep their competitive skills sharp by joining our parallel open league, a place for players of all skill levels to compete and play at their own pace. Players can swap between unique teams in both leagues, but cannot playing both leagues at the same time. 

All active competitors in TCS Overwatch and open leagues will receive an exclusive shirt depicting their favorite Overwatch role.

Competitive Schedule
RegistrationAug. 16 - Nov. 10
Regional Group StageSept. 27 - Nov. 2
PlayoffsNov. 11 - Nov. 30
Grand FinalsTBA
Open LadderSept. 25 - Nov. 19

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Collegiate Rocket League

Rocket League®

Start your engines! This Fall will be the first full season of Collegiate Rocket League, a three month battle for $50,000 USD in scholarships and the title of Rocket League National Champions. Participating schools will compete in weekend qualifiers in September for a chance to claim one of the eight open slots in each regional conference, then battle other schools in their conference for a place in the National Championship. 

All active participants will receive an exclusive Collegiate Rocket League shirt that signifies their conference. Teams who don’t qualify for their conference or want a place to practice against similarly ranked teams can join the open ladder, a parallel leaderboard that will offer identical participation rewards and a chance to rejoin their conference as a wild card.

Competitive Schedule
Qualifier 1Sept. 16 - Sept. 17
Qualifier 2Sept. 23 - Sept. 24
Conference Group StageOct. 9 - Oct 31
Conference PlayoffsNov. 6 - Nov. 14
National ChampionshipTBA
Open LadderSept. 25 - Nov. 19

Qualifier #1

Qualifier #2

Open Ladder

Hearthstone Training Grounds


Pull up a chair by the hearth! Earlier this year, the TCS Hearthstone premier league celebrated an epic season with a live finals event at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, where the Rutgers University team took the crown. This Fall, we’re inviting all college Hearthstone players to form teams, register, and compete in a new season of the Hearthstone Training Grounds open league for over $50,000 USD in scholarships.

Competitive Schedule
RegistrationAugust 16 - Sept. 22
Regional Group StageSept. 25 - Nov. 7
PlayoffsNov. 11 - Nov. 12
Grand FinalsTBA

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Heroes Training Grounds

Heroes of the Storm®

Let the battle begin! As the dust settles from another electrifying year of Heroes of the Dorm, Tespa is challenging all competitors to hone their skills in our latest edition of the Heroes of the Storm Training Grounds open league. Students at any college in the USA and Canada can sign up as a team of five to seven players and participate in an ongoing Heroes of the Storm ladder with weekly and seasonal rewards for top placers.

The Heroes Training Grounds will also feature a fluid participation bracket, so any college will be able to register at any point throughout the season to compete against teams of similar skill ranking — a perfect place to practice and prepare for the Spring season.

Competitive Schedule
RegistrationAug. 16 - Nov. 12
Open LadderSept. 25 - Nov. 19

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StarCraft Training Grounds

StarCraft® II

Prismatic Core Online! Tespa is warping in StarCraft II competitive leagues for both solo and teams of three for the academic year. We’re kicking off the Fall with the first-ever Tespa StarCraft II Training Grounds, which will offer nine weeks of open-registration collegiate ladders for teams of three and solo competitors. At the end of the season, top teams and solo players will battle in separate playoff brackets, where competitors can earn over $20,000 USD in prizes.

The top 12 teams from the Training Grounds team playoffs will also earn a guaranteed spot in the $30,000 TCS StarCraft League, returning this Spring.

Competitive Schedule
RegistrationAug. 16 - Nov. 12
1v1 Open LadderSept. 11 - Nov. 19
1v1 FinalsDec. 2 - Dec. 3
3v3 Open LadderSept. 18 - Nov. 19
3v3 FinalsDec. 9 - Dec. 10

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WoW Dungeon Race

World of Warcraft®

Looking for a group? For all the dungeon-delving daredevils out there, Tespa is announcing a brand-new season of the Collegiate Dungeon Race, a World of Warcraft dungeon speed-running tournament with $20,000 USD in scholarship prizing.

Starting this Fall, teams from any college in the USA and Canada will be able to register and play in three preliminary rounds, where the competing team will attempt to secure the best possible dungeon time. Teams with qualifying clear times will advance to the double-elimination playoff bracket to compete for the grand prize.

Competitive Schedule
RegistrationAug. 16 - Sept. 15
Preliminary RoundsSept. 22 - Oct. 12
PlayoffsOct. 15 - Oct. 22
Grand FinalsNov. 12

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